Dave Palmer Investigations: Verification of Employment

Attention Law Enforcement Officials
 and other authorized individuals

The following Control Numbers are active and in use. Any individual holding Dave Palmer Investigations identification bearing a control number which is listed on this page is authorized to investigate, carry a firearm with a BSIS issued Firearm card in their possession and present their credentials as proof of employment. If credentials have been lost/found please mail a photocopy of the identification to our business address and then destroy the original. We will re-issue new credentials with a new Control number if appropriate.

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Active Control Numbers                               Type


08-1001                                                Armed Special Investigator

08-1002                                                Armed Special Investigator

08-2001                                                Special Investigator

08-2002                                                Special Investigator

08-3001                                                Special Investigator Trainee

08-3002                                                Special Investigator Trainee

Dave Palmer Investigations is not operated in conjunction with any other organization at the Private, Local, State or Federal level. Some employees or principals may be employees or members of law enforcement organizations, their employment or membership in these organizations is not an indication of any endorsemement by the agencies which they work for. Dave Palmer Investigations takes conflict of interest very seriously, if you have questions or concerns please call.

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