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I love history! While searching the internet for new 'Private Detective' things, I stumbled on an incredible website run by Mr. Phil Stephensen-Payne (www.philsp.com).  Mr. Stephensen-Payne  has given me permission to download and display the images on his webpage for your enjoyment and to link to his page. If you have any interest in the popular periodicals of the 30ís, 40ís and 50ís I strongly suggest that you visit and support his webpage. You will find several other items on this page which I think are neat from a historical perspective. All other items are in the public domain and were obtained from the Library of Congress webpage (http://www.loc.gov/library/libarch-digital.html) which your hard earned tax dollars go to support. If there are other items that you feel belong on this page, I welcome you to contact me so we can put them up.
Magazines covers from Mr. Stephensen-Payne
Library of Congress Documents
'It almost looks like you are getting full bars on your cellphone Mr. Palmer'
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