Dave Palmer Investigations:

Services that we offer
· Threat assessments
Strange telephone calls, visits from people that you don't want to see; ex-friends, co-workers etcetera, stalkers and creepy people. An assessment will be made as to if there is a threat and if so what type of measure will need to be taken.
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· Security assessments
What is your overall security status? Is your person, property or assets in jeopardy because you are not aware of what you could be doing better or what low cost but high impact changes can be made to make you less of a target?  

· Low profile executive protection incident to an investigation
The state authorizes us to protect you if we are working an investigation on your behalf. We may utilize plain clothes armed investigators or uniformed Police and/or Security Officers to protect your person during an investigation. We are glad to provide armed escorts while your conduct your business.

· Pre and post employment background investigations
Who are you hiring? Who could harm your business most? Employees are an employer’s biggest asset but also may be an employer’s biggest liability depending on how they perform and how they treat you business and customers. We can perform background checks before you hire individuals and mystery shopping services afterwards. In the event that a former employee is causing you problems, we can help you decide what the next logical step will be to resolve the issue.

· Conducting loss prevention operations
According to an annual survey conducted by Dr. Hollinger of the University of Florida with a funding grant from ADT Security Services, U.S. retailers lost $40.5 billion to theft in 20007. The survey measures retail shrinkage defined as a combination of employee theft, shoplifting, vendor fraud and administrative error and found that employee and internal theft account for the largest portions of retail theft followed by loses from shoplifting. No mater how big or small your operation we can help you reduce shrink, arrest shoplifters and document cases for future civil restitution actions. Because we value your employee’s safety, we only will employ investigators with state issued firearms permits and require that all of our investigators be armed during these investigations.

· Sub-Rosa
The Latin phrase sub rosa means "under the rose" and is used in English to denote secrecy or confidentiality. In the PI world this often will mean 'under-cover' work. Our investigators are hand picked and individually trained to conduct these sensitive operations. We select investigators that are familiar with the lifestyle, community or business practices prior to installing or using them in any investigation.

· Activity checks
What is that person doing? If you have a need to know we can find out for you and document the results. You may think that it is better to not know, but are you ready to be 'blind sided'? Knowledge is power and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

· Surveillance

We will spend long hours in an uncomfortable vehicle, on a rooftop or anywhere else legal to be to obtain the information that you require.

 · Finding missing people or things
You tell us who or what is missing and we will attempt to find them or it. We specialize in lost children and run aways. We have the street credibility to obtain location information from the people on the street. We will not stopping searching until you tell us to and we do not stop working at 6:00 PM.

· Discovering and documenting the facts
We will seek out the truth and document the results.


Dave Palmer Investigations is not operated in conjunction with any other organization at the Private, Local, State or Federal level. Some employees or principals may be employees or members of law enforcement organizations, their employment or membership in these organizations is not an indication of any endorsemement by the agencies which they work for. Dave Palmer Investigations takes conflict of interest very seriously, if you have questions or concerns please call.

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