Dave Palmer Investigations: Why you should hire a PI?

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Top 10 reasons that you should hire a Private Investigator:





I. You enjoy staying in business.



II. You think that ‘special’ person may be doing some not so special things behind your back.



III. Weird things are happening in your life which appears to be

purposeful rather than random.



IV. You are not paranoid but you think someone is following you.



V. You lost someone or something very important to you and you want to find them or answers.


VI. Something is not passing the age old smell test.



VII. You need a third party to look at a group of circumstances to get answers to questions you have.



VIII. You want to know what is going on in your home/business

when you are not there.



IX. The Police are unable or unwilling to help you resolve your




X. You want to be part of the solution instead of the problem.




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Dave Palmer Investigations is not operated in conjunction with any other organization at the Private, Local, State or Federal level. Some employees or principals may be employees or members of law enforcement organizations, their employment or membership in these organizations is not an indication of any endorsemement by the agencies which they work for. Dave Palmer Investigations takes conflict of interest very seriously, if you have questions or concerns please call.

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